Wham-O Vintage Frisbee (Asst Colours)

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Wham-O Vintage Frisbee flies like a plane and spins like a gyroscope! Whether you play for fun, on a beach, in the backyard, at night, with kids, with your friends, with your dog, or if you practice Ultimate or Frisbee® Golf – Wham-O has you covered.

It boomerangs!  It sails!  It floats!  It skips!  Play catch from 10 to 200 feet!  Rib design gives amazing precision flights. 

Comes in assorted colours: blue, yellow and red.

Recommended for ages 5 and up.

Colour ships assorted.  If you have a preference, please write it in the Notes field when placing your order.  Subject to availability--we can't guarantee you'll receive your preferred colour, but will do our best!


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