Modern Wonder My Gratitude Pillow Kit

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Includes everything you need to make your own gratitude pillow. Colour the front with the included washable markers, fill in what you're grateful for on the back, then wash and redecorate. 

Begin a gratitude practice by reflecting on the people and things that you are thankful for, including friends, family, teachers, books, laughter, challenges you've overcome and new skills you've learned.  Customizing your gratitude pillow will give you a beautiful way to be reminded daily of the best things in your life.  The washable markers make it easy to make changes to your pillow as you continue your gratitude practice.  

This 15 piece gratitude pillow craft kit includes:

  • 8 washable markers
  • 4 removable tassels
  • pillow stuffing
  • stuffing case
  • washable pillow case
  • instructions

Recommended for children ages 8 plus and adults


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