Yoga for Stiff Birds by Marion Deuchars

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Guaranteed to raise a smile, this fun introduction to yoga guides you through 60 energizing poses in the company of a charming blackbird.

Marion Deuchars has practiced yoga for many years and knows well the benefits it brings. Now she invites you to join her stiff bird in a selection of classic poses, stretches and breathing exercises that are guaranteed to revive and energize.

Yoga for Stiff Birds rejects the clichés of studio photography in favor of a friendlier illustrated look. With a few strokes of her brush, Deuchars helps Bob into every position from the downward-facing dog to the tree – and you’ll want to follow suit. With 60 poses and sequences (all carefully checked by yoga professionals) presented in a lay-flat binding, the book is both practical and inspiring. The full-color art will raise a smile, whether you’re a regular practitioner or a yoga novice, and will encourage even the creakiest beginner to breathe, stretch, and bend like they never have before.

Already a best-seller in the UK and internationally, Yoga for Stiff Birds is a truly unique book: once seen, never forgotten. 


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