Yasutomo Ultra Black Chinese Ink 180ml

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The unique adhesive formulation of this ink allows for increased stability but it will also reconstitute in water. When this ink dries on absorbent papers, artwork can be wet mounted which is the use of a water based adhesive to bond the artwork to the mounting surface without bleeding or smearing.

Try mixing with Chinese watercolours for interesting effects. Bottle has a convenient lid where the cap comes off the side of the larger cap for more control and fewer spills.

Please note: this is a pigmented ink, not a dye ink, so shouldn't be used in refillable pens. This ink is not an acrylic ink nor are there any acrylic properties or ingredients.

  • Super dense black ink
  • For painting, calligraphy & drawing
  • Fade resistant & water re-soluble

Please Note: Due to the adverse effects of extreme cold weather on liquid ink cartridges and bottles, this product is available for in-store purchase or pickup only. If you decide you still want this product shipped, please make a request at websales@midoco.ca and that you are doing so at your own risk. Midoco will not be responsible if leaking or damages occur during shipping. 


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