Yasutomo Nori Starch Paste - 2oz.

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Nori Paste is a natural slow-drying starch adhesive that can be used in all kinds of school, art and craft applications.  It can be used on delicate papers and tissues, will not soak through fabrics and can be diluted with water as needed.

  • Repositionable while wet
  • Dries to a clear finish and does not leave any sticky residue
  • Not designed for use on vellum, plastic or metal


"At first blush, Nori glue seems like Japan’s answer to modpodge. It’s more. Not only is it a strong craft glue, it is very kind to incredibly delicate and sensitive materials such as tissue and rice paper. I was even able to use this glue on pressed flowers without tearing a single petal! And what’s more fragile than a pressed flower?" -  Nick


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