Yasutomo Chinese Watercolour Set 12 Colours

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These authentic Chinese watercolours are made from finely ground pigments and offer a smooth consistency. They can be used full strength or thinned with water. They are water resistant after drying when wet mounting on absorbent paper, yet fully water soluble like a traditional watercolour. Mixes easily with both Chinese and Japanese inks. Some colours in this set are semi-transparent while some are opaque.

Although these paints are designed for traditional Chinese painting techniques, they can be mixed with other watercolours to achieve interesting colour combinations. These watercolors can be fully reworked like any watercolour but it takes slightly longer due to the binder. It is their strong, almost glue-like binder that enables them to stand up to many traditional Chinese painting techniques. Finished pieces can also withstand wet mounting.

  • Water-soluble and non-toxic.
  • Offers superior lightfastness
  • 12-piece set includes 12ml (.04 oz.) tubes of Burnt Sienna, Scarlet, Gamboge, Chinese White, Vermilion, Cinnabar, Rouge, Carmine Red, Light Green, Light Blue, Phthalo Blue and Indigo.
  • Weight: 11.7 oz

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