Winsor & Newton Watercolour Art Masking Fluid 75mL

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  • Pigmented latex rubber for masking off work
  • Do not apply on damp or soft-sized paper
  • Remove as soon as possible after application
  • Clean brushes immediately after use
  • 75ml


Winsor & Newton was founded in 1832, in London by chemist William Winsor and artist Henry Newton.  One of the largest and most well-known Art Supply manufacturers, the Winsor & Newton name and logo are synonymous with quality and expertise. They have been at the cutting edge of art material innovation and technology for nearly 200 years.

Please Note: Due to the adverse effects of extreme cold weather on liquid, freeze-sensitive and glass items, this product is available for in-store purchase or pickup only. If you decide you still want this product shipped, please make a request at and that you are doing so at your own risk. Midoco will not be responsible if leaking or damages occur during shipping. 


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