Twogether Studios Action Cats! Storytelling Game

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Spin tales from the top secret world of cats! A family-friendly storytelling game by Keith Baker.

A floofy, delightful, storytelling game where you compete to tell the secret life story of a cat!  Is your cat a secret spy who thwarted enemy plans or a misunderstood artist who just needs time away from the spotlight? In Action Cats you take turns being judge as players combine cards and embellish to tell the secret life story of a cat and win the judges favor. Silly, fuzzy, and easy to learn.

  • Contains 170 unique double sided cat/story cards and instructions
  • Each card has a photo of a cat, and on the reverse side, two halves of an outrageous story
  • Ages 9-99
  • 3 - 6 players
  • Game duration: 15-30 minutes

Check out this video from Twogether Studios to see how Action Cats! is played:


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