Traveler's Company Leather Notebook, Regular Size - Blue

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A luxurious handmade leather journal from Traveler's Company Japan. Regular sized TRAVELER'S notebook starter kit comes complete with a small cotton pouch to preserve the gorgeous finish and your notes! One plain paper refill is included inside the journal - the paper takes ink beautifully so for those who love their fountain pens, this journal will not disappoint. This Traveler's Notebook will be your daily companion for many years to come.

The notebook itself is similar to the A5 size, except it has a slightly slimmer width. This makes it easy to carry, and it even suits better for writing. You can insert maps, tickets, and three-folded A4 sized papers inside. The color is deep blue similar to indigo dye or blue black ink and reminiscent of an azure blue sky just before dawn. The structure of the notebook is simple, and its simplicity makes it easy to customize. Please choose your favorite refills that include notebooks made of various papers, zipper cases, and pockets. You can paste stickers on the cover of the notebook and add charms on the bookmark or the rubber band to personalize to your style.

The more you use the notebook, the more the texture and the taste of the leather cover changes, and this maturity simply seems to reflect the user. Utilizing this notebook during your daily life will surely make you feel that every day is a journey. This essence and maturation is what makes TRAVELER'S notebook the worlds most fun notebook.  Beautifully packaged, it makes a wonderful gift.

*Due to the nature of leather material, the color, texture, and thickness of each item will vary slightly. Each TRAVELER'S notebook is naturally dyed without excessive surface treatment to bring out its natural texture. Therefore, there may be small scratches and wrinkles in place, but we hope you will enjoy them as part of its character. 

  • Package / H 9" x W 5.7" x D 0.6"
  • Handmade Leather Cover in Blue / H 9"x W 5.7" MADE IN THAILAND
  • Notebook / H 9" x W 5" x D 0.15", Blank unlined MD Paper, 64 pages, (Saddle Stitched) MADE IN JAPAN
  • Cotton Bag / H 10" x W 6"
  • Spare Rubber Band / Mustard

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