Traveler's Company Leather Notebook, Passport Size - Olive

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A luxurious handmade leather journal from Traveler's Company Japan. Passport sized TRAVELER’S notebook starter kit comes complete with a small cotton pouch to preserve the gorgeous finish and your notes! One plain paper refill is included inside the journal - the paper takes ink beautifully so for those who love their fountain pens, this journal will not disappoint. This Traveler's Notebook will be your daily companion for many years to come. 

This Passport sized notebook features a simple cow leather cover that is hand made in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The notebook included is from Designphil’s original paper that is crafted in Japan. The olive green color was inspired by the deep color of virgin forests with roots that stretch back to prehistoric times, evoking a journey into the outdoors.

You can start using the notebook as is, but by adding a zipper case or a pen holder, you can increase its storage capacity. If you add a connecting band, you can add as many refills as you like. The structure of the notebook is simple, so it’s easy to add charms and beads on to the rubber band. We also recommend adding used post stamps on the cover of the notebook.

This is a notebook where you can customize it freely, and the longer you use it, the more the taste and texture of the leather matures, ensuring that your interaction with it will evolve over time.  Beautifully packaged, it makes a lovely gift.

*Due to the nature of leather material, the color, texture, and thickness of each item will vary slightly. Each TRAVELER'S notebook is naturally dyed without excessive surface treatment to bring out its natural texture. Therefore, there may be small scratches and wrinkles in place, but we hope you will enjoy them as part of its character. 

  • Leather Cover / H134 x W98 x D10mm MADE IN THAILAND
  • Notebook / H124 x W89 x D4mm, Blank, 64 pages, MD Paper (Saddle Stitched) MADE IN JAPAN
  • Cotton Bag / H165 x W120mm
  • Spare Rubber Band / Blue-Gray
  • No.15343006

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