Toddys Click & Play Toy Vehicle - Freddy Fluxy

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Playing with Toddys makes children smart! Grasp the world through play – that’s how children understand the world best! They handle their toy, and discover using all their senses! Toddys are designed to be exciting in every way. Their workmanship is top-class, with many tactile stimuli, and they’re full of interesting details. With endless combinations to encourage fine motor skills, perseverance, and patience.

When children mix and match different Toddys, they can create fantastic new names, which stimulate playful language, and train speech comprehension. The friction motor is a spur to movement. Sometimes slow, sometimes fast, Toddys streak through the play landscape, with the children in hot pursuit! Toddys support the entire development process of a small child, step by step.

You can also combine the Toddys with each other using the exciting “Click & Play function”. In this way, new vehicle combinations are created again and again, which have their own names. Off you go into a world full of adventure!

The Freddy play figure has movable parts: head can be turned, arms can be raised, and legs can be bent. The Fluxy vehicle can be divided into two parts and combined with other Toddys vehicles. The flutings on the vehicle are tactile stimuli, and encourage the sense of touch.

  • Parts: 2-pieces
  • Dimensions vehicle (l x w x h): 160x70x59 mm
  • Dimension figure: 75 mm
  • Friction motor: yes
  • Light & Sound: no
  • 18+ months
  • Compatible with building bricks from other manufacturers
  • For children from 18 months upwards
  • Friction motor
  • Encourages creativity & motor skills 

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