The Dad Annual by Michael Spicer

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The Ultimate Compendium of Hilarious Games, Bad Jokes, Mind-Boggling Trivia and Much, Much More!
Bursting with puzzles, quizzes, trivia and games, this dad-tastic annual packs in hours of fun for fathers everywhere! Whether you’re keen to know where you rank on the leader board of all-time "cool dads", want to try your hand at some perplexing puzzles or you just want to add some new dad-dancing moves to your already extensive repertoire, this annual does it all!


  • Dad style guides
  • Delicious “dad recipes”
  • Fascinating fact files
  • A compendium of conundrums to solve
    … and much, much more!

A fresh and funny take on a traditional annual, packed full of puzzles, trivia and games for dads everywhere. The perfect gift for Father’s Day, or any other time of year!

Format: Hardcover, 80 pages
Dimensions: 8.62" x 11.12"
Subjects: Games & Activities, Puzzles, Quizzes, Family & Relationships, Parenting - Fatherhood
Publication Date: May 10 2022
Publisher: Octopus Books


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