Super Sculpey Clay 1lb Block Medium Blend Grey

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Super Sculpey® Medium Blend

Perfect for the serious sculptor, creative crafter or lover of shaping materials. Highest-quality, firmest and most flexible clay on the market. Medium Blend Super Sculpey® is just the material to deliver.

  • Soft but firm, this clay allows for easy carving as well as complex details and patterns
  • For complex creations, this clay allows the use of additive build-up methods focused on building out shapes in small increments for a more detailed, multifaceted final product
  • Once the clay has been kneaded slightly, it is highly malleable and ready to blend. Can be shaped it easily into forms or combinedt with other clays
  • Because it blends so smoothly, Super Sculpey Medium Blend cuts down on sanding time
  • Once baked, the clay is shatterproof and chip-resistant.


"Great for small sculptures, the Super Sculpey is a polymer based oven-bake clay with a beautiful ceramic like finish. Super versatile, once it's cured you can paint your finished sculpture any way you like with acrylic paint." - Kendra


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