Summersdale Quotable Display Cards - For the Best Mom Ever

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A deck of 52 cards containing a raft of heart-warming quotes and thoughtful words celebrating the miracle that is a mother.
Everyone knows that moms are amazing – what they don’t know is that you have the best one!

These beautifully designed cards, which can be displayed using the handy wooden stand provided, are full of love, admiration and appreciation, expressed through quotations from grateful sons and daughters throughout the ages.
Alongside these wise words, there are cards with simple, sweet and touching declarations that will show just how much you care.
To finish off the package, the box also contains a 16-page booklet full of mom stuff, from ideas on how to enjoy some quality me-time to lines of heartfelt poetry.

This sweet and original gift will be a lasting reminder that, though life’s ups and downs, and no matter how old you are, your mom will always be the BEST MOM EVER.

Contains 52 cards, wooden display stand, and 16-page booklet


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