Summersdale Motivational Cards: You Got This

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A deck of 52 cards containing inspirational quotes and statements to remind you that you can think big and keep your cool – no matter what life throws at you.

You can do whatever you set your mind to. Whether that’s chasing your dreams or changing the world, this colorful deck of inspiring words and motivational quotes will help you conquer any doubts and setbacks, making it the perfect companion on your quest to greater resilience and unshakeable confidence.

These eye-catching cards and pocket-size booklet come complete with a beautiful wooden stand so that you can display them anywhere you choose. For a powerful boost of self-belief, use these reminders to brighten up your room, your desk or wherever else you like. Simply pick a card, and let it fill you with inner strength!

These stirring thoughts are sure to energize your outlook and set you on your way to achieving your ambitions. Stay fearless – because you got this! 


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