Summersdale Crap Snap Card Game

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Get ready to be gleefully grossed out with this fabulously sh*t version of the classic game of Snap

Match the number twos for sh*ts and giggles with your pals. 

  • Time: Depends how regular you are
  • Number of players: 2+
  • Includes: 52 playing cards, 16pp booklet plus an instruction card
  • Age: 16+ (but a maturity age of 4+)
  • Assembly required? As if!
  • Batteries required? I’d be worried if it did

Poop is hilarious and Snap is excellent fun, so what happens when you combine the two and take the trouble to make it rhyme? You get Crap Snap, that’s what!

Crap Snap is all about speed, spontaneity and paying close attention to the crap-themed words on the cards and being the first to shout "crap snap"! What’s that number two saying to you? Well, it’s saying that crap is where it’s at and this pan-jamming party game is the most fun you can have off the toilet. Who knew that sh*t could be so much fun? It’ll leave you and your opponents laughing and gagging in equal measure.

Publisher: Octopus Books November 7, 2023 


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