Summerdale Inspirational Book: Shit Happens So Get Over It

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A hot-shit book of witty quotations that’s the perfect gift for any pessimist in your life.

This little book of uplifting and pithy quotes is the ultimate antidote to all the days that couldn’t end quickly enough

When the shit hits the fan, you don’t just need a massive mop. You need some words of wisdom that will keep you going no matter what is thrown your way. You scratched the side of your car: pick up this book. You sent private snaps to your family WhatsApp by mistake: let your tears streak these pages. You delivered a presentation at work with your zipper undone and toothpaste on your chin: stiffen that upper lip with every quote you read.

By the end of this remarkably astute collection of quotes, you’ll have:

  • Enough resilience to make light of the worst scenario
  • Enough willpower to overcome all obstacles
  • And enough quotes under your belt to last you a lifetime!
  • Why waste time wondering if the glass is half full or half empty when you can just get on and drink it! 

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