Strathmore 400 Series Acrylic Painting Paper Pad, 12x18" (Ó)

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A durable Heavy weight acid free paper perfect for acrylic paint.

  • Linen texture finish
  • 10 sheets per pad
  • 246lb - 400gsm weight
  • Flip over cover


The Strathmore brand is known worldwide to represent the highest quality in fine art papers.  Founded in 1892 by Horace Moses in West Springfield, MA.  It wasn't until Horace visited the Scottish valley of Strathmore, with the thistles in full bloom and was quite impressed by their beauty, that he began branding his products Strathmore. 

The Strathmore Series System is:

  • 100 Series - Youth - Ignite a lifelong love of art
  • 200 Series - Good - Value without compromise
  • Vision - Good - Let the world see your vision
  • 300 Series - Better - Discover the difference
  • 400 Series - Best - Draw on experience
  • 500 Series - Premium - Create a legacy


Check out this short video for more info:">What do the Strathmore Series Numbers Mean? from strathmoreartist on Vimeo .



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