Staedtler Watercolour Crayons 12pk

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Staedtler Watercolour/Water Soluble Crayons

  • Highly opaque colours, easy to blend
  • To be used with brush and water for a variety of washes
  • Special effects can be achieved with layering and scratching
  • Diameter approx. 8mm round
  • Paper sleeve keeps hands clean
  • 12 brilliant colours: White, Yellow, Peach, Orange, Red, Bordeaux, Cobalt, Light Blue, Willow Green, Green, Van Dyke, Black

Creativity makes people a little happier. And more relaxed. With its products, STAEDTLER is not only a companion for people of all ages who want to bring their own creative ideas to life, but also a life-long source of inspiration. With a broad spectrum of high-quality, innovative, German-made creative products, STAEDTLER fosters the development of individual personalities - and has done for more than 180 years.


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