Stabilo Pen 68 Metallic 6pk

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With the Pen 68 metallic, a premium felt-tip pen, you can work on your creative ideas immediately without shaking the pen first or interrupting your work. Moreover, the water-based ink is quite odorless in comparison with alcohol-based products, so you can do your creative artwork without distractions.

  • The selected, premium pigments in the ink ensure high light resistance, which means that the artwork retains its brilliance for a long time.
  • The metallic effects are particularly powerful on black backgrounds.
  • No pumping or shaking required!
  • Includes 6 shimmery metallic colours
  • Highlights with high brilliance and luminosity
  • Good visibility thanks to the excellent coverage of the metallic colors, especially on dark paper or card and on many smooth surfaces (glass, metal, cardboard)
  • Full color application via robust Medium-tip
  • Detailed drawing with medium 1.4 mm line-width
  • Well-known STABILO Pen 68 water-based inks
  • For optimal quality, this product requires horizontal storage

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