Stabilo Boss Highlighters 4pk Pastel Colours

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  • Textmarker for those who prefer soft and creamy shades to bright, dazzling colors.
  • Featuring Stabilo's usual high-quality, Anti-Dry-Out technology (up to four hours), and water-based inks, these highlighters are perfect for school, college, business or hobby.
  • Chisel point tip allows for 2 line widths 2 + 5 mm - ideal for highlighting texts of various sizes as well as for drawing lines of different thicknesses.
  • More than just functional markers, these are fashionable accessories that allow you to really express yourself
  • Stabilo Boss Original has been an iconic neon highlighter since 1971.


"These are my favorite study tools! The Stabilo Pastel Highlighters (or low lighters) have a less harsh contrast with the page than traditional florescent highlighters, and this made it easier for me to use them. I have found they last a long time and the range of colours in this set lets me organize my notes easily. They also have a chisel tip that is wide enough to highlight and narrow enough for underlining. Great for students, professionals, and bullet journal enthusiasts!"

– Cortney


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