Speedball Gel Monoprinting Starter Kit

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  • This kit is ideal for use in mixed media art, card-making, journaling, scrapbooking, home décor porjects and much more! 
  • The Speedball Gel Printing Kit contains: 1 5"x5" Speedball Gel Printing Plate; 4 1.25oz. Water-Soluble Block Printing Inks (Black, Red, Blue, Yellow)  and 1 1.25oz. Water-Soluble Block Printing Ink Retarder;  1 4" Pop-In™ Soft Rubber Brayer; 1 Instructional Reference Guide.
  • Speedball Gel Printing Plates make it easy for hobbyists and fine artists alike to create beautiful one-of-a-kind prints for mixed media, card-making, journaling, scrapbooking, home décor projects and much more! Speedball Gel Printing Plates have a smaller profile than competitive offerings, allowing them to create unparalleled levels of detail that add unexpected and rich dimension to prints.  Their construction also makes them lighter weight and leaves them occupying less storage space between uses—ideal for classrooms, traveling artists and shared spaces. 
  • Ideal for monotype printing

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