Science To The Max ReGrow Science Kit

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Educate, Entertain & Enlighten Kids about the Wonders of Science!
Kids will combine seeds & other ingredients from home with the included science tools to give them another chance at growth.

Hear the oohs and ahhs as kids discover how entertaining science can be! They'll learn about different seeds, vegetables, plants & watch the ‘magic’ unfold before their eyes.

ReGrow Science also helps teach kids patience. Some plants take days, or even weeks, to sprout. They'll need kids’ time and attention to grow big and healthy. This kit educates, entertains & will definitely grow on you!

  • Simple Sustainable Science: Recycling plants & seeds is a great way to help the environment be more sustainable. Do your part by taking a small step in the right direction. Regrow science dives into the world of agriculture & recycling & helps old things be new again.
  • Easily Follow Along: The step-by-step instructions are made with kids in mind. The clear directions make it easy for kids 8+ to conduct most experiments themselves. Along the way they’ll learn interesting facts and information about the seeds they’re planting.
  • Key Ingredients Found at Home: Find items around the house to use in your experiments. Most seeds & vegetables needed are usually a staple in the home, but you do get replacement suggestions in case it’s not available. Remember: don't throw out old kitchen scraps, there’s plenty of life left in them!

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