Sakura Pigma 05 Micron 0.45mm Pen, Cool Grey

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The first ever disposable tech pen. Pigma® ink continues to be the most reliable permanent ink on the market today. Artists, illustrators, engineers, consumers, the government, and scientists consider Pigma Micron® a necessary basic tool for any archival-quality, handwritten project.

This permanent, fade resistant, chemically stable, pigment-based ink will not bleed or run if liquids are spilled on or applied to the document after the ink has dried. Perfect for legal situations, Pigma ink is nearly impossible to alter on documents, in log books, or on checks. Architects, archivists, anthropologists, entomologists and laboratories depend on Pigma Micron for record keeping.

Manga artists, professional illustrators and watercolorists use the range of point sizes to create precision lines. Scrapbookers and crafters value its archival quality for preserving memories in journals, and notebooks. Use Pigma Micron to leave a mark that will last a lifetime.

Uses: Archival journals, Illustrations, Cartoons/manga, Freehand drawing and Zentangle, Legal documents, log books, checks, Sketching with watercolors, Rubber stamping, Fabric design – decorative use only, larger nibs recommended.

Technical Qualities: #44 Cool Gray 0.45 mm tip
- Archival quality Pigma pigmented permanent ink on non-coated paper
- Waterproof
- Fade and chemical resistant
- Will not smear or feather when dry
- Does not bleed through most papers
- Not recommended for use on fabrics intended to be washed and not evaluated for cosmetic use on skin
- Meets ACMI non-toxicity standards


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