Rubies 2nd Skin Suit, Orange - Adult Medium

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Solid colour bodysuits are fun for sporting events and make a great base for many different costumes.  Unisex Adult Medium Size Orange 2nd Skin Suit - Full-body stretch jumpsuit for adults from 5 foot up to 5 foot 4 inches tall. 

Polyester material you can easily see through and breathe through, with a back zipper that may require assistance.  2nd Skin costumes should be put on as you would tights, pulling it up in small sections (feet, then knees, waist, etc.) so that the suit is evenly stretched out to avoid straining seams.

Great for halloween, costume parties, sporting events, stage/theatre productions, and anytime dressup fun!

Medium Size fit:
Height: 5' - 5'4"
Weight: 90-130lbs
Inseam: (to toe) 35"
Arm: (to fingertip) 23"


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