Rock Point It Had To Be You: A Couple's Journal

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Chronicle your journey together with this romantic and inspiring hardcover journal for couples—gorgeously designed, inside and out, and finished with gold foil lettering on its cover. With space for both you and your partner to write, this forever keepsake offers a unique opportunity for each of you to remember where you came from, where you are today, and where you want to be tomorrow.

There are countless reasons why it had to be your partner, from your childhood dreams about the person you’d be with one day to all the twists and turns that brought you together. Incalculable forces brought you together, and now, nothing can keep you apart. Explore and celebrate your love, as you write about each other and your shared experiences.

This beautiful journal features prompted sections that allow you to write down the story of your romance, creating a priceless memento to hand down to your children, grandchildren, or loved ones. Within the pages, each of you is represented by a heart symbol, one of you pink and one of you red. When there’s one heart at the top of a page, the person with that color heart writes on that page. When the hearts are joined, write together. Each themed section begins with a quote about love, followed by prompts like:

  • When I was a kid, I imagined my true love would be…
  • Write a love poem for your partner.
  • The very first time I saw you, I thought…
  • Our first big relationship step was…
  • You amaze me when…
  • In five/twenty years, I think we’ll…

You’ll also find places to record anniversaries, list shared favorite things, decode your secret language, create a bucket list, and more. A perfect gift for weddings, anniversaries, Valentine's Day, or any other celebration of romance, It Had To Be You is a wonderful keepsake that will last almost as long as true love.

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