Robotime Rowood Wooden Bloom Craft Model Kit - Red Camellia

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Craft a beautiful wooden red camellia flower model from intricately designed, precoloured, cut plywood pieces.  The flower and stem are flexible and adjustable so you can display the flower on its own in the included craft paper flower pot or harmoniously combine it with other blossoms from the Wooden Bloom Craft series to make a beautiful bouquet. Includes additional mini flowers in the pot and a decorative card for your personal message. Find peace in crafting, share handmade flowers with loved ones that will last the test of time, or simply light up a corner of your home with Wooden Bloom Crafts.  

  • Robotime Rowood Red Camellia Wooden Bloom Craft TW031 Wooden Flower, Hand-Made Craft, Gift & Decoration
  • Material: Plywood
  • Number of Pieces: 113
  • Difficulty Level: 2/6
  • Assembly Time: About 30min
  • Age: 8+ up to adults
  • Package Size: 244 x 166mm
  • Assembled Size: 115 x 65 x 205mm

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