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The Flowery Sweets & Teas Miniature Dollhouse is a refreshing coffee shop on a summer day.  It's perfectly suitable for adults, whether beginners who want to try out a new hobby or veterans who are seeking new inspiration for their next craft projects!  This intricate diorama model kit is a perfect do-it-yourself gift or art & craft project for anyone who loves miniature models. In addition, this Dollhouse is equipped with LED lights to make your miniature house come to life.  Collect all the Robotime Rolife DIY Miniature dollhouses and create a miniature world of your own.

  • Difficulty: ★★★; Medium
  • Finished Product Dimension: 220 x 149x 170mm
  • Box Dimension: 324 x 210 x 74mm
  • Materials: Wood, Plastic, Paper & Fabrics
  • Included: Accessories, Brush, Fabric/Metal/Paper/Plastic/Wood, Manual, Glue
  • Required Tools: Glue (White & Silicone Variant), Rulers & Scissors, Screwdrivers, Needle, Battery: x2 3V button cell (CR2032)
  • Time to Complete: ~20h

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