Robert Simmons Titanium Brushes

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The Titanium brushes from Robert Simmons are long-lasting, durable brushes that offer precise control even with heavy-bodied acrylics and oils. An interlocked process enables these brushes to hold their shape while affording precise stroke control, retaining their sharp edge or point, and keeping their spring and strength even when wet. Featuring synthetic bristles with varying filament thickness, these synthetic bristle brushes offer all the qualities of the finest chungking interlocked hog bristle. The long, solid brass seamless ferrules have a special solvent-resistant plated finish and are mechanically crimped and resin-bonded to kiln dried birch handles. Excellent for professional artists and students alike.

  • Synthetic Bristles
  • Use with acrylic or oil paints
  • Stiff synthetic bristles with good spring

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