Rite Lite Mini Menorah & Candles Set

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When you are in need of a smaller Menorah, this Mini Menorah set is your solution! One piece solid Aluminum construction creates a stable Menorah in a classic style. Includes enough candles for all eight nights of Chanukah.

  • Solid Aluminum
  • 1 Mini Menorah
  • 44 Mini Candles
  • Always place menorah on a non-flammable surface
  • Secure the candles in menorah before lighting
  • Do not leave burning candles unattended
  • To clean wax from menorah:
        Pour hot water directly on the wax to loosen.
        Caution! Keep hands away from hot water!
        Do not soak menorah in water.
        To avoid damaging the menorah, do not try to remove wax by any other method.

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