Rite Lite Hand Painted Dreidles 4pk Striped Multicolour

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Bring the Game of Dreidel fashion-forward with these modern art Dreidels! Visually set yourself apart from other players with bright and distinct horizontal color schemes that will make these Dreidels favorites for many years to come.

  • 4 Large Dreidels
  • Each player starts with ten pennies (or dimes, beans, "gelt", etc.) 1) Each player puts up one penny. 2) The youngest player goes first by spinning the Dreidel. The letter that faces up tells what to do (see below) 3) Play each game for as long as you want. The player with the most pennies at the end wins! If at any point no money is left , start again.
  • NUN - Do nothing. next player goes.
  • GIMEL - Take all the money!
  • HEY - Take half the money.
  • SHIN - Pay in two pennies.

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