QoR Masking Fluid 59mL

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The concept of QoR Watercolors does not end with colors. Like every product that comes from GOLDEN, the idea of equipping artists to realize their creative vision inspires their products. To preserve a paper or ground from color, Qor Masking Fluid is a removable barrier that helps create hard edge effects.

QoR Masking Fluid is a ready-to-use, removable liquid made with natural latex which may be applied to watercolor paper or watercolor ground before painting. Once dry, the Masking Fluid will resist paint, allowing watercolor artists to preserve fine details and lines of white paper that might be difficult to paint around in traditional transparent watercolor applications. It also can facilitate faster creation of overall textures and layers of abstract marks. QoR Masking Fluid works beautifully on all of the QoR Grounds.


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