Prismacolor Scholar Coloured Pencils 60pk

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Prismacolor Scholar coloured pencils are well suited to the developing artist.

  • Soft, smooth leads ideal for blending and shading
  • Ideal for a wide range of uses including idea development, sketching, drawing, colouring and mixed media
  • Sixty richly pigmented colours: Cream, Lemon Yellow, Canary Yellow, Orange Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Neon Yellow, Orange, Orange Ochre, Deep Orange, Neon Orange, Peach, Light Peach, Mauve, Vermilion Red, Scarlet Red, Crimson Red, Crimson Lake, Carmine Red, Magenta, Light Pink, Pink, Fuchsia, Neon Pink, Purple, Violet, Light Violet, Lavender, Indigo Blue, Permanent Blue, Light Blue, Cloud Blue, Aquamarine, Copenhagen Blue, Sky Blue, Porcelain Blue, Peacock Green, Dark Green, Grass Green, Yellow Chartreuse, Permanent Green, Olive Green, Pale Green, Light Green, Neon Green, Avocado Green, Raw Umber, Terra Cotta, Tuscan Red, Sienna, Dark Brown, Orchid, Pale Warm Grey, Medium Cold Grey, Pale Cold Grey, Dark Grey, Silver, two Blacks, two Whites


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