Posca 8-Colour Paint Marker Set, PC-1MR Ultra-Fine

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This 8-Piece Posca marker set features pens that can be used on almost any surface you can dream up- paper, glass, cardboard, wood, porcelain, metal, textiles, ceramics, plastic and much more! The PC-1MR Ultra-Fine tip has the same qualities as a paint marker in the form of a tine tip pen and is designed for those requiring an ultra-fine and consistent line. The alcohol and solvent-free opaque paint covers surfaces well, is blendable, dries quickly and can be layered when dry. Ideal for beginners and professionals alike, this versatile marker is a fluid and fun choice for art, craft, graffiti and decor. The tips can be rinsed with water, allowing you to blend without fear of ruining your pen.

  • Tip Size: 0.7mm Extra-Fine Liner tip
  • Suitable for most art and craft projects on over 50 surfaces, including wood, glass, metal, plastic, ceramic, leather and more
  • Water-based paint is ACMI-Certified non-toxic
  • Vibrant, opaque, matte & lightfast
  • Made in Japan

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