Posca Paint Marker MOP'R PCM-22, White

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The XXL round tip of the POSCA MOP'R (PCM-22) is highly intuitive, ideal for creating large-scale drawings and controlled drips.

Thanks to its unique ergonomic shape, whether held horizontally or vertically, POSCA MOP'R offers a totally new grip and experience. Holding it upright or upside down, you can vary the effects infinitely.

POSCA MOP'R increases the creative capacities of all audiences tenfold: amateurs will be won over by its ease of use and will dare to create large drawings and XXL fillings, while professionals and artists will appreciate the quality of the drips and the many effects made possible by this unique tool. For all, the creative experience is new and unique. 

  • Designed to be used for street art, fine art and everything in between
  • Reservoir has an ergonomic shape and is comfortable to hold
  • Can be used either upside down for high ink flow or right side up for finer details 

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