Intricate Ink: Animals in Detail Colouring Book Vol. 5 by Tim Jeffs

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In his newest colouring book for adults, Tim Jeffs once again captures the striking patterns and textures of the animal kingdom with extraordinary detail. You will love the pencil, pen, and ink prints featuring animals from a wide range of species—from hornbills to narwhals, cicadas to seadragons.

Each design begins with careful research into the appearance, conservation status (many threatened or endangered), habitat, and habits of each animal, painstakingly representing each scale, feather, and strand of fur. By incorporating stylized designs within the framework of the animal’s own pattern, Jeffs allows himself to bring his own artistic flair to that of Mother Nature’s—a delightful collaboration that encourages you to take these pieces and make them your own. With high-quality paper, lay-flat binding, and a sturdy but flexible hardcover, Intricate Ink: Animals in Detail, Volume 5 lets you create unique, keepsake works of art.

Tim Jeffs is an award-winning artist since high school and a Creative Director in New York for over thirty years. His highly detailed illustrations have garnered worldwide attention as they raise awareness of and connection with the animal kingdom.


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