Platinum Preppy Fountain Pens, 0.2mm Extra-Fine

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The Preppy pen was introduced in 2006 as a low price, but dependable high-quality writing device, that delivers ink to paper just as well as its more expensive counterparts. They feature well-polished stainless steel nibs with a special alloy point, resistant to abrasion, and a patented spring "slip seal mechanism" lid that will keep your ink from drying out too quickly. An excellent starter, or everyday pen.

  • Colour of the pen body matches the ink colour
  • Nib - Stainless steel (EF (0.2))
  • PC Resin body
  • Size - Length: 138mm、Max diameter: 13mm
  • Comes with 1 ink cartridge
  • Refillable by cartridge or converter (sold seperately)

Looking for the refill cartridges for these pens? Follow the link below:

Platinum Dye Ink Cartridges 2pk

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