Picture This! Drawing Book by William Potter & Gareth Conway

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This witty and inventive full-color drawing book encourages young readers to unleash their imaginations by transforming everyday objects into something unexpected!

Turn a bottle into a rocket, a biscuit into a bedsheet and donuts into monster truck wheels with this wacky and entertaining guide. Whether it's animals, funny machines, monsters, robots or instruments, the young artist has been supplied with plenty of madcap ideas and suggestions to spark their creativity. These appear as full-color photographs which children can draw around to create something entirely different.

  • The fun and inventive transformations stimulate imagination
  • The simple exercises are perfect for early drawers
  • Encourages children to create their own sketches
  • With these new skills, children can transform their own found objects from around the home.
  • Ideal for creative kids aged 7+.
  • Publication date: 07/18/2023
  • Pages: 96

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