Petit Collage Spelling Puzzles: Objects

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Piece together the three- and four-letter words and make spelling fun with these self-correcting jigsaw puzzles. Designed using bright colors and bold, easy-to-read lowercase letters, this set includes 20 puzzles featuring everyday objects a child is likely to encounter, such as a bag, hat, egg, bike, shoe, and leaf.

For ages 2+, Spelling Puzzles: Objects helps develop a child's fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and improve their letter and shape recognition. Plus, the self-correcting nature of the jigsaws makes learning new words a positive experience.

Made from 70% FSC-certified paper and printed with vegetable inks.

MAKES LEARNING FUN AND FAMILIAR - These bright, illustrated jigsaw puzzles will teach children new words in a fun, gentle way that all the family can get involved in. Using familiar objects makes learning more accessible and encourages future progress when the puzzles are put away. Plus, the pieces of each jigsaw will only fit together to make the correct word, meaning your child will learn how to spell without ever having to be told they're wrong, making learning a positive experience.

PLAY & DEVELOPMENT - Along with teaching new words and how to spell them, these jigsaw puzzles help develop a child's hand-eye coordination, letter and shape recognition, and fine motor skills.

THOUGHTFULLY DESIGNED - Spelling Puzzles: Objects is created from FSC-certified paper and printed with vegetable inks, making this an environmentally conscious product. 


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