Pentel Orenz Mechanical Pencil 0.2mm White

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You are reading that right, it's a very fine 0.2mm (extra very fine even) mechanical pencil. Pentel has managed to make this possible with the Orenz's unique "anti-breaking lead system." The lead automatically feeds out as the metal sleeve retracts into the barrel. Then once the sleeve is retracted fully just give it 1-Click and continue writing.

  • 0.2mm B leads
  • The sliding sleeve always protects your lead, you won't even see it while you write
  • Metal pocket clip
  • Fully retractable tip
  • Available only in white


Pentel brings Japanese innovation and clever design to every product they make since 1946. "Pentel creates the tools that enable people ... to cultivate the joy of expressing themselves." From the Sign pen (1963) with over 2 billion sold to date, the Pentel Brush Pen (1976), to the ever popular EnerGel (2000) family of water-based gel ink pens, you'll "Discover the best".


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