Pentel Energel X Retractable 0.7mm Medium Black

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This metal tip pen has a comfortable, latex-free grip and sleek clip.  The same liquid gel ink from the regular Energel pens that dries quickly for no smudges, even for lefties.

  • High performance ink combines the best of liquid & gel inks
  • Super smooth writing
  • 0.7mm metal tip
  • Plastic barrel and clip colour matches the ink
  • 84% recycled materials
  • Uses the popular LR7 refill


Pentel brings Japanese innovation and clever design to every product they make since 1946.  "Pentel creates the tools that enable people ... to cultivate the joy of expressing themselves."  From the Sign pen (1963) with over 2 billion sold to date, the Pentel Brush Pen (1976), to the ever popular EnerGel (2000) family of water-based gel ink pens, you'll "Discover the best."


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