Pentel Arts Colour Brush Sign Pens

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The richly saturated colours are fully blendable with water and other Sign Pen Brush colours. The tip can be diluted with water to get a full range of values. Great for a variety of techniques including, feathering, cross hatching, outlining, calligraphy and detailed work. Wear resistant pressure sensitive and flexible tip. Will not dry out if left uncapped and can be cleaned with a paper towel.

  • Waterbased dye ink
  • Fully blendable with themselves and other Sign Pens
  • Can be diluted with water for watercolour effects
  • Pressure sensitve, flexible, and durable tip

Pentel brings Japanese innovation and clever design to every product they make since 1946.  "Pentel creates the tools that enable people ... to cultivate the joy of expressing themselves."  From the Sign pen (1963) with over 2 billion sold to date, the Pentel Brush Pen (1976), to the ever popular EnerGel (2000) family of water-based gel ink pens, you'll "Discover the best."


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