Pea Pod Babies Collectible Mini Doll, Mystery Pack

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Pea Pod Babies are cute, magical little babies waiting inside a magical pea pod! Each soft pea pod contains three mystery capsules.

Also included are a custom birth Certificate, a story about your own baby, and a collector card. Dip your baby in water and it even spits up! Makes the perfect gift for Christmas, Hanukkah, a birthday, or just for fun.  Girls and boys will love collecting all of the baby dolls in the series.  The dolls measures between 2 and 3 inches.

Each Pea pod contains three cylinders:

  • The first cylinder contains accessories you may need to feed them and play
  • The second cylinder contains cute clothes you can dress them with
  • And the third cylinder contains your special bundle surprise baby!
  • Collect all 24 babies plus six rare and one ultra-rare set of twins! Every Pea Pod Baby doll is unique, just like us!
  • For ages 3+ when you buy (adopt) a pea pod baby you've chosen to embark on a beautiful journey full of fun, laughter, imagination and love!

Have fun and congratulations on your new family addition!

From Thin Air Brands.


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