Paperblanks Washi Tape 2pk - Azure & Poetry in Bloom

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Using authentic Japanese washi tape paper, metallic foiling and a touch of varnish for protection, the Azure/Poetry in Bloom washi tape set will bring a pop of colour to your bullet journal spread. This double-pack is inspired by two beautiful antique book bindings.

  • Width: 15mm (½")
  • Height: 45mm (1¾")
  • Depth: 45mm (1¾")
  • Authentic Japanese washi tape paper
  • Decorative metallic foiling
  • 10 metres of high-quality patterned tape per roll

About this design:

  • Original Art: L’office de la Semaine Sainte book binding / Binding by Riviere and Son for Shelley’s The Sensitive Plant and Early Poems
  • Era: 1688 / 1910
  • Region: Paris, France / London, England

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