Paperblanks Mini Address Book - The Chanin Spiral

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New York City’s Chanin Building was built by Irwin S. Chanin in the late 1920s. Representing some of the finest Art Deco in the city, the lobby was styled around a “City of Opportunity” concept. With a geometric design symbolizing human thought and emotion, a bronze ventilator grille from the building is reproduced here.

  • WIDTH: 95mm (3¾")
  • HEIGHT: 140mm (5½")
  • DEPTH: 18mm (¾")
  • PAGE COUNT: 128 Pages
  • CLOSURE: Elastic Band
  • GSM (PAPER WEIGHT): 120gsm
  • COVER: Hardcover
  • FEATURES: Smyth sewn, Memento pouch, Custom-designed laid paper, Thumb cut page edges
  • MATERIALS: 100% recycled binder boards, FSC-certified text paper, Threaded stitching and glue, as needed, Acid-free sustainable forest paper, Decorative printed cover paper

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