Oscardo Reusable Face Mask - Dawn Oman: Sky Watchers

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Design by Yellowknives Dene Native Artist Dawn Oman "Sky Watchers"

"The Polar Bear is known as the wise, powerful 'Great Lonely Wanderer'. The Bear clan members were the strong and steady police and legal guardians." - Dawn Oman

  • Reusable Face Mask has 3 layers and adjustable ear loops
  • They have a pocket inside for the filter
  • The outer layer with the design is 100% Polyester and the inner layer and lining are 100% Cotton
  • They are washable, in adult size, unisex

Royalty is paid to the artist or their estates for each product sold.

About Oscardo: Since 2003, Oscardo has partnered with Canadian and First Nations Artists to create authentic and distinctive products. We work hard to make sure each product represents the original artwork by having them approved by the artist or the estate before production. Through our products, we are supporting the Canadian and First Nations art communities.  

*Final sale: Please note that, for hygenic reasons, we cannot accept returns or exchanges of face masks.


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