Olfa Rotary Cutter 45mm RTY-2/DX

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The OLFA RTY-2/DX Ergonomic Rotary Cutter is a safe deluxe cutter with a handle that is curved to reduce wrist and hand fatigue. The squeeze-trigger activates the blade to allow you to cut longer and safer. The blade automatically retracts with the release of the trigger for safety. Integrated grooves and a cushioned rubber grip prevent slipping. The dual-action safety lock can secure the blade in the open position or keep the blade closed for travel and storage. A quick change of the blade position allows for both right- or left-handed use.

Use the Ergonomic Rotary Cutter on a multitude of materials, including wool, cotton, vinyl, leather, paper, and more. The sharpness of this blade allows for cutting of up to eight layers of cotton fabric in a single pass.

This cutter is pre-loaded with an OLFA RB45H-1 Endurance Blade. The ultra-sharp Tungsten Steel Blade delivers up to twice the cutting of a standard blade for fewer blade changes and improved efficiency.

  • Comes pre-loaded with RB45H Endurance Blade 45mm tungsten steel blade
  • Quick blade change feature
  • Dual-action locks blade in place while in use or hidden in the handle
  • Great for the fabric or light materials
  • Takes refill blade 45mm blades (RB45-1)
  • Anti-slip cushion grip
  • Curved handle reduces fatigue
  • Squeeze handle activation
  • Self-retracting for safety
  • Cuts up to eight (8) layers of cotton
  • For optimal blade life, pair your OLFA Rotary Cutter with a self-healing cutting mat that will protect work surfaces as well as extend the life of the rotary blade.
  • Accepts all OLFA 45mm blades, including RB45H-1 Tungsten Steel Endurance Rotary Blade and RB45 Tungsten Steel Rotary Blades; as well as OLFA decorative cutting blades: PIB45-1 Stainless Steel Pinking Blade, SCB45-1 Stainless Steel Scallop Blade, and WAB45-1 Stainless Steel Wave Blade.
  • Made in Japan

The name Olfa comes from two Japanese words meaning "to break a blade." In 1956 they invented the snap off utility blade after founder Yoshio Okada was inspired by breaking pieces off a chocolate bar, and by the snap edges of broken glass. This snap off blade design has been copied and used around the world, but the Olfa quality standard cannot be duplicated.  In 1979 Olfa also introduced the world's first rotary cutter, great for fabric, the blade rolls along, cutting as it goes.


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