Noodler's Ink 3oz Bottle Baystate Blue

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The popular fountain pen inks by master ink maker Nathan Tardif are well known the world over.  The Baystate series  of inks are very bright and vibrant, due to a slightly more unconventional formula.  It should not be mixed with other inks because of this.  This ink has a tendency to stain most surfaces it comes into contact with.  Usually bleach will remove the ink, as long as you don't mind bleaching whatever item you are cleaning.  It might not be the best idea to fill your $300 gold nib pen with. But if handled carefully, it's a joy to write with.

  • Forgery resistant
  • Impervious to lasers, alcohol and solvents
  • Water resistant
  • These inks are made by hand, in batches - some colour variations from batch to batch can be expected.

*** As always this bottle comes filled to the top.  Be careful opening.


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