Nevskaya Palitra "Ladoga" Artists Acrylic Set of 12

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Artistic acrylic paints in the Ladoga gift set inspire the creative enjoyment of both masters and art lovers. Ladoga professional artistic acrylic paints are intended for painting, decorative and design work. Designed in harmony with the modern approach to painting Ladoga Acrylics are a composition of pigments and acrylic dispersion but are easily mixed with water.  Due to their ease and versatility of use, and excellent adhesion, paints can be used when working on almost any surface (paper, cardboard, primed canvas, wood, metal, leather, cement). When dry, they form an elastic indelible matte film.

Ladoga Artists’ acrylic colours gift set contains 12 colours in 18 ml tubes, gloss acrylic varnish 120 ml,
2 brushes: synthetic long handle flat №4 and round №3.


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