Midori Pre-Inked Paintable Stamp - Cat

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Whether you’re chronicling your life in a notebook or diary, or decorating sticky notes or message cards, the Midori pre-inked Paintable Stamp is a great way to do it. Just stamp the page and admire the intricate picture.

Take off the cap, place the stamp flat on the paper and push it down with both hands. You can make a darker stamp by pushing harder or holding the stamp down for longer. The picture is around 50mm high x 50mm wide.
Be sure to test the stamp first, as it may bleed through the page depending on how hard or how long you press it.

Use water-based markers to color and write in the pictures you’ve stamped.

These stamps are stackable for compact storage so that they don’t take up too much space when you’re not using them.

This stamp has a built-in ink supply with enough ink for around 1,000 uses. The ink can be refilled using Midori Ink Refills (sold separately).

Looking for the refill ink? Follow the link below:

Midori Paintable Stamp Ink Refill - Black

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